Subject: Re: Road route---Baltimore to S. Vermont?
Hello Bill and Pat:

Here is another idea for the drive north, which you may be able to incorporate with the other suggestions made to you. I made this drive through New York State just three weeks ago, and it was spectacular.

Depending upon where you want to cross east over the Hudson River, you can take either the Tappanzee bridge at Nyack, or the next bridge north, just south of West Point Academy. I would then recommend driving up Route 9, along the eastern shore of the Hudson. Once north of Poughkeepsie, you will practically hug the river. We stopped for a tour of the Roosevelt family home in Hyde Park, (now a national monument), and for a tour of the Vanderbilt Mansion a few miles north. Both of these sites are gorgeous, with nice places to walk and picnic down by the water. If you continue north on 9, you will end up in the Catskills Mountains. However at any point on Route 9 (Hudson for example, just north of the Catskill bridge), you could veer east or northeast to go towards the Berkshires. At that point you would be less than an hour away from Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

Once in Vermont, the generally accepted tourist drive is Route 100. This road goes all the way up to Canada, but all along its length you will find beautiful stretches.

Good luck with the drive. Joel in Chicago