Subject: RE: San Antonio Restaurant Info needed.
Hi John!

San Antonio is a truly lovely city. Have a wonderful time.

There's an excellent restaurant called Boudro's on the Riverwalk... should be walking distance. We've had dinner there quite a few times. The Menger Hotel has an excellent and reasonably priced daily brunch. Also historical bar in the Menger.

Another hotel, La Mansion Del Rio, (albeit quite pricey) has a restaurant, Las Canarias, that offers dining Riverwalk cruises, as well as eating in the dining room in the hotel.

Couple of other fun things to do... next to the Hilton is an Irish Bar (I think it's called Dirty Nell's) has a piano player and nightly sing-a-longs. Also fun is Dick's Last Resort where the waiters insult you mildly, but humorously.

When we were at Dick's the last time I was looking over the vast beer menu trying to make up my mind. The waiter said hey lady, you're ordering a beer, not buying a car. They also serve food.

All of the above should be walking distance.

Chris in Suburban Houston