Subject: restaurants in San Antonio
I live in San Antonio and I love a few places in the King William area which is walking distance from the Hyatt or a short cab ride depending on how long a walk you would like. The Alamo Street Theater Restaurant is on S Alamo Street right in the heart of King William and it's open weekdays and only at night weekends with dinner theater weekends. Weekdays buffet is $5.95 for all you can eat of this wonderful home cooking. It's in an old church in the basement. Also down the street at the old flour mill is the Guenther House and it's right in the old house. You need to get there early weekdays or have a reservation because people who work downtown go there. They have huge cinnamon buns there for sale in their bakery. Lunches are the soup and salad type with their own versions of things like tortilla lasagne. I also enjoy Shilos downtown for a German type food but who comes here for German food? On the Riverwalk I like Cafe Ole and there are a lot of good restaurants there but more expensive and not as good as if you leave downtown. More on the South side off Southcross (a much longer cab ride) is Pesos. If you go near Lackland and Kelly AFB you can find some really good authentic Mexican restaurants but you don't have the atmosphere of the Riverwalk. The Market Square area has Mi Tierra and Margaritas which are very touristy and the locals eat there too, as well as Pico de Guillo which is across Hwy 35 from the Market Square. Carol Mueller in San Antonio