Subject: Re: Chicago Hotel recommendations
Hi Tom....

Everyone's definition of inexpensive hotels, especially in Chicago. The most inexpensive way you can go is trying one of the youth hostels. Most of them offer a single room which is about 1/3 to 1/4 of what you would pay for a standard hotel room in the city. You need not be a member to stay, it will just cost you $3- $5 extra.

According to location to sites and the EL, I would recommend of of the following: Hostelling International - Chicago This one is new, opened about a year ago and is near the loop close to the library. Arlington House This one is an older and independent hostel, but great location near DePaul Univ close to cheap eats and coffee shops as well as the EL at the Fullerton stop.

Good luck and enjoy your visit.

Debbie in NC