Subject: Re: Chicago Hotel recommendations

In the Lincoln Park area there is a Days Inn Hotel on Clark Street that I stayed at when I was first looking for an apartment in Chicago. This was 5 years ago and I paid $69 per night. I would guess that the rate has gone up by now, but it is still probably a very good deal.

Also in Lakeview (next neighborhood North of Lincoln Park):

Days Inn on Diversy Comfort Inn on Diversy Surf Hotel on Surf Hawthorne House on Broadway

All of these places are accessable to downtown by either the bus or the El and are very close. (Personally I work downtown &live in Lakeview and I walk the 5 miles home every day. It's really not far at all.)

Once you decide where you are staying, either my suggestions or someone else's, let me know and I can tell you what bus lines or El lines you will need to get where you what to go. After 14 years without a car, I'm a queen of public transportation ;-)

Cat in Chicago