Subject: Re: San Antonio
Personally, besides an occasional conference, the main reason I went to San Antonio was to go to the Landing and hear a world class band perform at reasonable prices. Originally, I went and my family left me sit through the night, but more recently, they joined me (still more recently, my younger daughter moved there, but, unfortunately, the band was out of town when we last visited her).

If you go to the Landing, the food is also good. There have been some band changes since I last went, but, if you do go, say hello to the pianist (John Sheridan), bassist (Don Mopsick), banjo player/guitarist (Howard Elkins), and, of course, the leader (Jim Cullum). The others are new, and I have not had a chance to meet them. Afternoon, you can people watch on the patio with a drink and hear smaller groups perform.

Besides Sally's suggestions, the others I most strongly agree with (all were good) are the Zuni Grill and Shilo's. It is difficult not to find good Tex-Mex. There are also excellent, and somewhat cheaper, places of a more suburban nature, but since mass transportation is TT (typical Texan, i.e., non existent), I have not mentioned them. Unfortunately, downtown San Antonio looks disastrous because of all the closings although there are very good hotels such as the Muenger that are not on the Riverwalk.

Ira H. Bernstein, Ph. D.