Subject: Re: Need hotel help
Dear Callie,

You mentioned Urbino as one of your possibles. We just returned from Italy and stayed for a short time in Urbino at the Alberghi San Giovanni. It's just off the main square and the room was fine--shower, two twin beds, clean as a whistle. There is no breakfast offered (but in Italy that generally is coffee and a sweet bun) but just outside are numerous caffes and pastry shops. No problem. We paid $45 per night for a double room. We found it through the TI in the main square. Urbino is quite lovely and because it is a university town quite alive with students. The alberghi has no web site but the phone number is (0722)2827/329055. Just a thought. We also would have enjoyed our trip more had it not been for 911. We hope to return to Italy in February for Carnavale in Venice.

Jane, Boca Raton