Subject: Back home from the UK
Hi all,

I have landed and am tired but happy after my two weeks in London and Manchester and points in between. I was surprised to see that security at Halifax International Airport in Nova Scotia seemed tougher on departure than it was on departure from Heathrow on Monday. Heathrow seemed to be as it always was although i was not able to buy a caligraphy set in one of the shops due to security, the nibs being too sharp to be allowed to carry on the plane. I had taken the precaution of packing anything that could be construed as sharp in my checked luggage as well.

I walked miles and saw a lot, rough summary with a travelogue to follow when i get my notes sorted and typed. London and area: Royal Academy of Art, Ingres to Matisse exhibit and Rembrandt's Women exhibit, Museum of London, Winchester Cathedral, London Walks day tour of Richmond and Hampton Court, London Eye, Shakespeare's Globe and theatre exhibition, Shopping Oxford and REgent Streets, Tate Britain, wandering several areas of London including Pimlico, the Temple and the City square mile, Southend Illuminations!

Between London and Manchester i went to Warwick Castle and Lichfield on a personal mission to photograph the place where an ancestor of mine was burned at the stake for heresy in 1612! (really!)

Manchester and area: a day in Liverpool, wandering around Manchester including Orsall Manor a Tudor house in Salford and a day trip to Buxton, a very pretty town not that far away. Most of the week in Manchester was hanging out with friends so there were meals out, pub crawls and pub quizes and recovery from said pub crawls :)

It was wonderful! I got to spend a lot of time seeing things i had been meaning to for a long time and there was very little i was disappointed with. The only thing was the Tate Gallery. I had been looking forward to seeing the Turner paintings and unless this was a temporary exhibit, most all of the ones there were sketches and unfinished works with only a couple of his more famous paintings that i could recognize so that was a bit of a let down. Hampton court was amazing and Warwick Castle is well worth the money too although avoid the cheesy exhibit in it's Ghost Tower !

Diane Johnston