Subject: Travel remembrances to help you keep going
Hello all,

travel is a common love of all of us. That´s what has brought us together in TheTravelzine. Along these years we have talked about favourite hotels, so-so restaurants and horrible airlines. We have met in GTG and we have found new friends.

But during the last month (at least from an american point of view), it seems that travel is not so important and that the loved ones are the most important part of us. It is true, but... think about all those travel memories that have kept us awake and able to dream of a better world. I´d love to hear about your own ones, but here you can read some of my own ones:

- Climbing the Acropolis in a warm May morning, and wondering about how ancient Athens, although defeated by stronger armies, keeps alive in our souls. - Sailing into Santorini, enough said. - A stony beach in Naxos, blue sky and sun, a restaurant and a waiter giving us a bit of basil. It is still in my handbag. - May again, this time in Rome. If you have never been to Sant´Andrea della Valle on a sunny evening, you have never seen gold filtering through the windows. It´s all golden and you cannot move. - A russian train going from Vienna to Prague. Stopped in the middle of nothing, white fields of snow, -15 degrees and 11 o´clock at night. And then arriving to the Hlavny Nadrazy. - Going in the cable car to the Aiguille du Midi. You are only 10 years old, and your little sister is 4, and the sky is blue, and you walk until you see the Mer de Glace. - Walking over the roof of the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela. A cold wind is blowing and you marvel at all the people gasping in the Obradoiro Square. - Sailing along the coast of Galicia, in the midst of thick fog. - Any great March day, in any skiing slope. The sun must shine, the sky must be blue. A bit of warm weather and great snow. I´ll sing anything and forget anything. - A walk in the Vienna Central Cemetery, in winter. - Crying when hearing the duo of Don Carlo and the Marquis de Posa, Don Carlo de Verdi. Why must he die?

And I´ll stop here, because I am remembering too much. Please continue.

Kind regards from Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)

Ps. I wrote from an american point of view, because I am sorry to say that I belong to a country that knows what´s terrorism, and it has had more than 1000 violent deaths in 25 years, from our own countrymen, including children and foreshadowed deaths.