Subject: Hotel in Amsterdam
I can suggest a few places. My favorite is The Ambassade, its central and very wonderful. It is a place that attracts Writers and Artists and I simply cannot say enough about it. Here is a link to their website:

Another place I can recommend is The Park hotel which is right next to the Riks Museum and is a nice, but not terribly quaint hotel. Its does have all the extras, and is very much a business class type of hotel:

Finally, I can recommend the Hotel De Filosoof ( means philosopher) as a reasonable priced quaint hotel also in the Museum district: This place is highly recommended by Frommers in his budget travels as one hotel filled with charm and class. Here is their Website:

Make sure to take at least one walk ( as long as the weather permits) and try to get to the VVV ( toursit office) because they have a nice walk that introduces the city and is free.

Amelia Hesson Los Angeles