Subject: Restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne
Restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne are plentiful - it really does depend on the type of food you like, where you will be staying etc. If you email me directly, I will point you in the right direction but some starting points would be the following. Melbourne: a.. est est est - A husband and wife team, he is English - trained in Michelin starred kitchens, she Australian and a superb pastry cook. The food style modern French basis, with Australian overtones and based on local produce. About five minutes drive from the b.. Luxe - In the inner suburbs, good bistro style food, in a casual setting, with a good wine bar c.. Langton's, in the downtown area, again bistro influenced food, although in a more formal setting but with an informal bar area also d.. The Flower Drum for some of Australia's best Chinese food (Five Hats in the 2001 Good Food ratings and a long standing winner, in the long tradition of Australian Chinese restaurants) e.. Dining Room 211 - in the inner suburbs. Smallish but with style and great contemporary food. f.. MoMo's - in the downtown area for simply wonderful modern food with a Middle Eastern influence. Some of Melbourne's best. g.. Akita - if you like Japanese food. A non-glitzy restaurant but with the best range of entrees - that is, in the Australian use of the word, akin to an American starter. Have six or seven of the daily specials between two people and skip the main courses. Add some of the warm sake and you will still find it a bargain. h.. Ahmu - in the downtown area. Another small place, this time with Malaysian based food - delicious whether you know or like Malaysian food - and probably better than any you will have had anywhere. Another place where you can share dishes if you wish. (Try the Oyster on Oyster - lightly poached oysters on oyster mushrooms. I could go on and on - but a few for Sydney instead: a.. Tetsuya's - in the city area for one of the best meals in Australia, Japanese influenced but superb for people who don't usually care for Japanese food. Take the set menu and enjoy the multitude of tiny dishes. b.. Lucio's, in the inner suburbs, for good Italian food. c.. Pier in Rose Bay, for excellent fish, on the water. d.. Claude's in Woollahra for a wonderful set menu - with the added benefit of bringing your own wine, so drinking something special without the licensed restaurant markup. e.. Bistro Moncur - again in Woollahra, a long standing favourite f.. MG Garage - if you are up for a splurge g.. Forty One - Ditto - with a great view but prices to match. h.. Bill's in Paddington for breakfast at the communal table. Again, there are many not mentioned. But give me more specifics of your requirements and I will try to help more. In the Cairns area, I would suggest Nautilus and Catalina, in Port Douglas, but that depends on your mode of transport. Eat well,

Joan Melbourne, Australia