Subject: Must sees in Sydney
Hope you have a wonderful time in Australia. I grew up in Sydney (now live in Toronto), however, when I go back home every year I always make sure to go by the opera house or hop on a ferry around 10 to 11 or so in the morning. That time of morning the sun hits the harbour and it's gorgeous. I think Sydney has the nicest harbour in the world. Anyway, it always brings to mind a poem we learnt in about the 2nd grade about My Country and one of the lines says I love her jewelled seas. That's exactly what Sydney Habour looks like at that time of the morning - a huge mass of diamonds, all gleaming in the sunlight.

The ferry ride to the zoo is well worth it - from the top of the zoo you get a fabulous view of the habour, the opera house, the sail boats, etc. Similiarly the ride to Manly is worth it as you go past all the exclusive home which edge along the harbour. Personally I've always preferred the old ferries rather than the jetcats.

Anyway, this is a perfect time of year to go and the days are usually nice and warm. However, it really cools down at night so bring along a jacket or sweater.

Have a great time Marty