Subject: Vienna trip
The best deal going in Vienna is the 8 day transit pass. It cost 300 ATS which is roughly Cdn$30 and you can travel for any 8 days on buses, trains and trams throughout Vienna. As you stamp each day individually it doesn't matter which 8 days you travel.

IBIS have a good deal if you purchase the IBIS card which was 1510 ATS. You automatically received 10% off your room and, after your 10th night at any IBIS hotel, you get a voucher for a free weekend night stay. You also get discounts at their restaurants and at some other hotels.

Roamed about my favourite place which is Schonbrunn and its vast grounds, Belvedere, the buildings around the Ring Strasse, etc. On the last day was going to go to Kahlenberg but there was a heavy mist/fog in the air that morning so, since you couldn't see some of the taller towers (they were lost in the fog), there didn't seem much point in going to Vienna's highest spot to get a good view of the city so head back down to the old part of Vienna. Did manage to see three operas in the evening.

Seeing the Lipizzaners training wasn't that great and I wouldn't recommend it. I think it's a waste of money. However, seeing them perform is definitely a treat to watch (I'd seen them performing before so thought that this time I would catch the training session).

Accidentally strayed into St. Augustine's church on Sunday - had heard some singing when I came out of the Lipizzaner museum store and went into the church. Ended up staying for the high mass (well - after all, it was Sunday) and it was really nice. They had the Mozart singers singing and it sounded like a little orchestra was up there as well. The church was packed with people, lots standing - luckily I arrived early enough not to have to stand. The walls, pillars were an off white (a change from the usual sandstone interior of old churches) and, once the lights were on, it looked really warm and inviting.

Anyway, I had a wonderful time