Subject: Favorite Place in England
I have always disliked history and a couple of years ago was going to England with a friend to a big horse event at Badminton but decided that since I was in England I had to suffer thru some of the historical stuff. WELL! I have to admit... I got sucked into the history stuff and it was the highlight of my trip! My favorite place was the Roman Baths in Bath. It was fascinating!!! After touring the baths you end up in the Pump Rooms. We ended our tour around high tea time so we had a beautiful, official, English High Tea in a gorgeous dining room. It was like a fairy tale. It was sort of funny because as we entered the Roman Baths I asked how long it would take to do the tour (you are given a telephone like thing with a number pad and as you move around the baths everything is labeled with a number - you press the number and you get a great recording on the particular spot you are in) and the lady said about an hour so I mentally calculated the cost of admission and was trying to decide if I wanted to spend the money on the tour, etc. I ended up doing the tour and my friend and I spent about 3 hours in the place and would have spent more time exploring but it was closing. Again, it is a fascinating place and the history you learn on the little telephone was wonderful. Also, you enter from a court yard with various shops and a beautiful large Abbey facing the courtyard. You can easily spend a whole day in Bath and not get bored.