Subject: Portugal Itinerary
While in Lisboa, don't miss Costa Caporica - the beach across the Tejo. This area can be reached by ferry or the Bridge. As long as you're across the Tejo, you might make time to visit the beautiful statue of Jesus and climb the inside. You can't miss it as it looks across the Tejo to Lisboa and can be seen from most anywhere. One other must is the Panarama at the pinnacle of the Monsanto, sometimes easily overlooked - not the Park, but the experience. Attending a movie in Lisboa is quite an experience as well. It will take you back over the years as there are beautifully uniformed ushers that show you to your assigned seat. There is an intermission in every screening with a beautiful bar where one might purchase liquor as well as the favored espresso. The movies from America are in English with Portuguese subtitles - very interesting experience. I sat through the entire movie with a smile on my face reflecting on days gone by. I also took a Greyline Bus tour to Setubal for the day and was not disappointed. The winery there is wonderful as is the day trip with several stops both coming and going. The traffic in Lisboa is unbelievable - expect jams.

I hope I have suggested some not so common stops in the City, assuming, of course, that you are planning on taking the much publicized and popular ones.

I hope you have a great trip.