Subject: Re: Turkey
Hi Ann,

We are suppose to spend a week in Kemer, at a timeshare near Antalya, 1st week in April, fly to Italy and then on to Paris for 3 nights. Can't make up our mind if we will feel comfortable with traveling to Europe, maybe should wait till November. But who knows at this time.

We were in Istanbul and Ephesus via a cruise in 1999. It's a wonderful and interesting country. This was why we were going back.

Did you take the bus to Konya and Goreme and where did you stay in Goreme? Did you consider staying in any of the other small towns like Urgup?

From Antalya it looks like a long drive by car to Goreme with a short stop in Konya and would get into CAP area very late. What &where is Ilhara?

We are passing on Pamukkale because I was told you have to climb without shoes or sneaks.

I really wouldn't mind taking the bus to Konya and then bus to CAP. But from all I can find I don't think the buses run that often. We then would fly out of Ankara to Italy.

Marge Las Vegas