Subject: Re: Remembering 1st's
My first trip to Europe was fantastic. I was 22, just graduating college and ready to see the world ( okay well 5 countries in 40 days: England, Greece, Italy, Switzerland and France). Our first stop was London and there I met my friends from Los Angeles who were in a band called the G0-GO's. They were playing in Islington and I had to talk my way into the club since it was sold out--but i did this easily. I spend the rest of the week with them, leaving my Mom to be on our Tour and I saw a London that she would never see :).

On the plane to Athens I met a wonderful Greek Boy whom I spend much of the week in Athens with, again leaving my poor mom to fare for herself on Our Tour while I visited unheard of places, eating wonderful local dishes and having a wonderful romance. Its was the best of times.......

Amelia Hesson Los Angeles