Subject: Nice, France
Hi Folks, I am thinking of going to Nice, France the end of March 2002 with Saga Holidays. Normally I wouldn't have any concerns traveling alone, but I thought I would just ask if anyone has any thoughts about that area in light of recent events. It seems like it would be a fairly stable, safe area, but since I've never been to France at all I really don't know that for a fact so I'm looking to you for advice.

Also, anyone know what the weather would be like the end of March? The charts say mid-60s for temp, but is that by any chance a rainy season? While looking at a brochure there was a picture of an artist's display of his pictures on the waterfront of one of the local towns (actually, that picture cinched it for me to go there) - do you know if artists will be out and about the end of March? How about flowers that time of year? I've heard that the weather is really quite mild because of the Med. Sea, but again, I don't know any of this for a fact.

Any and all info would be appreciated. Also, anyone else going to be in Nice or on the Saga Holiday trip starting March 26th?

Thanks for your help. Jackie