Subject: Chicago next weekend Midway to Clarendon Hills
Hello Everyone:

Next Thursday I am heading for Chicago to do the trip that was postponed because of WTC. I am considering trying to get to Clarendon Hills on my own from Midway. . . Those of you who live in the area. The directions I got from RTA were to catch a bus, then MeTRA and then a bus. . . I could chill my heels for 4 hours to wait for my friend, or catch a taxi. However, I think if I can schlepp myself through India, etc, surely I can get from Midway to my friend's house. However, last September 14 when I slogged through Gabrielle (I wondered why so much rain). . .to Orlando and the plane wasn't there, it all seemed overwhelming. Anyone's thoughts? Wouldn't it be an Adventure?

Lillian in Lakeland, Florida