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Hi Laurie, your trip sounds exciting, I think is wonderful that the whole family is ready to travel together, I have done it similarly in the past and although it required a lot of understanding and cooperation but it worked out very good. Sometimes we used to split in more than one little group meeting for lunch in a restaurant appropiate to have a big table with several teenagers. The matter in fact we took our four children to Europe almost every year and sometimes we even included a cousin or two...

It is hard for me to give information on such general basis, so if you have any question please feel free to ask ...If you have some budget to comply with it comes to my mind that sometimes we used apart hotels , having a small kitchen was a big plus at night when the children prefered to stay at home with a simple dinner and my husband and I went to restaurants. We were not selfish because they were tired of a long day , happy to eat something at home and may be watch some tv, I also organized them to do the laundry in landromats,( because we were living at Buenos Aires at the time, their school holidays were during the Euorpean Winter, and we had a lot of socks and underware to wash. )They didn' t mind this either...I guess,

As time went by and they were in College they surely appreciate and thank us for those museum visits ....this I did in small quantities at a time and always had they buy International Student IDs before leaving.They saved us a lot of money and were good in many places including London Theatre, for those last minute ticket sales exactly 30' minutes before curtain is up.

Graziella in Miami Beach