Subject: back from France
Hello to everyone: We returned Friday from 15 days in Paris and Normandy. Trip over and back uneventful, but both planes were not full. I counted roughly 40 empty seats each way. Security at our airport was not unusual. In Paris everything was searched and stickers were applied as you went from one line to another. Everyone's spirits were good and altho the line was long no one complained. Paris was as beautiful as ever, but the museum workers were on strike for three days so we never did get to see Sainte Chappell. Managed the Louvre and two small museums in the Marais. Stayed at the Timhotel de Louvre and you can't beat the location. Otherwise is is a clean but not glamorous spot. Bayeaux was wonderful and we stayed twice as long as we planned. I wasn't prepared for the tapestry altho I had done my homework. Conned my husband into a second visit. The landing beaches and cemetaries were moving and interesting. Then the train workers went on strike, but we did get back to Paris in time to catch our plane. By the way, if you ever have to stay at the airport--do not stay at the Ibis in Roissy, it was very worn, I think not as clean as it should have been, the elevator stopped in mid flight, I could go on, but what I think almost caused a riot, was the non functioning coffee machine at 8 a.m.. On the other hand, do try to find a wonderful restaurant in Roissy - L'Epicure. There is a cluster of hotels in that area and the restaurant is less than a five minute walk. They have two fixed price menues with abundant choices and very good. Security was more obvious in Paris after the bombing began. Both gendarmes and army. We saw them in metro stations, train stations and the airport. We consider ourselves lucky as this is the first out of four visits to Paris where we experienced any strikes. Oh, by the way, we took in the street art fair at the Edgar Quinot metro stop on sunday and it was loads of fun. There were a lot of dealers and as you would expect a wide variety of talent exhibited. We did find a treasure to bring back with us and it was a fun experience. Thanks to whomever mentioned it. Barb in Grand Rapids, Michigan