Subject: Re: Chicago next weekend Midway to Clarendon Hills

I get into Midway at 2:30 PM. . . the instructions I got were to do at 3:28 PM CTA bus # 54B at Cicero and Helen J. Mikols to 24th Place and Cicero, then walk .2 miles to Cicero Metra to Clarendon Hills Metra, take PACE Bus 3663 and arrive at Stewart and Sterling by 5:32 , and then Gail's home is only .1 mile

Oh My. . . I plan to pack light--I had customers come in from Cape Cod (Boston airport) 4 kids--they were searched. They felt do whatever you have to do to the authorities.

Lisa, I appreciate your taking time. . . I could just chill with a good book and some tapes. . . or is a taxi an alternative?

Richest Blessings, Lillian in Lakeland