Subject: Can we talk?
Hi Ziners,

We have received a message from a respected travel journalist who is planning a column on non-commercial travel discussion groups and how they can help people armchair'' travel during this time (since September 11th) or plan a future trip. She cited the recent thread on TheTravelzine with the subject Travel remembrances to help you keep going as important in this regard. She has requested our input and rather than take it upon ourselves to represent your feelings when we respond to her, we'd like to hear from you on this subject.

We have seen a sharp decline in the number of messages posted on the Zine. At the same time, there has been an increase in membership. We're drawn to each other by our common passion for travel but shocked into silence, somehow waiting for the strength to overcome our fears and once again think about our pleasures.

From our own perspective, we think we should begin the healing by following the process we have always used, which in our case is _planning_. Don has some tentative itineraries and as soon as we get our Portugal travelogue finished, I'm sure he will continue the planning process with one of the trips. Won't you do the same? Even if you never actually take the trip you plan, the planning will be in and of itself therapeutic - so break the silence and let's feed on one another's future plans. Where will you think about going when you decide the time is right for you? What information will you need from others who live there or have traveled where you're going? Let us hear from you.

Don't let those monsters keep us from doing what we love.

Ciao for now, Linda and Don