Subject: Christmas in the Low Countries
Inspired by Don and Linda's post of a few minutes ago, I'll post my travel plans...

A while ago (before 9-11) someone enquired about Rothenburg at Christmas. The responses were so lovely that I told my husband that's where we were going for Christmas this year! *LOL*

After research on the web we went (mentally) from Rothenburg to Vienna to Salzburg... and now we are thinking of Brugge or Maasstrict. At the moment we are leaning heavily towards Maastrict because it is close to home. The reason for staying close to home is *not* due to 9-11 fears, but more because of the coming euro. We plan to holiday 22-30 December and think it is silly to change currencies two or three times when the euro is literally right around the corner! *LOL* Plus if we went to Masstrict, we could take our dog with us.

But...we're not sure if it's a large enough town to spend a week. Any suggestions? Though the Netherlands is a small country and we've been here over a year now, there is still a lot we haven't seen (like Maastrict). Anyone have favorite small towns in the Netherlands with a cute hotel they can recommend?

Erina Amsterdam