Subject: Driving to San Francisco from Dallas
Hello Ziners, I agree with Don and Linda let's start planning. For years hubby and I have promised we'd again take a driving trip someday. We usually don't because of time constraints and also it's hard to drive to Europe or Africa. So this Christmas we will drive from Dallas to SF, down Highway 1 enjoying the sights and spend Christmas in Huntington Beach with our daughter and family. We'll be stopping along the way and hope you will help us with suggestions. We will visit family in Santa Fe and before that maybe Carlsbad Caverns as DH has never been there. I'm pretty familiar with the Southwest but I'm sure there are some wonderful things I've missed. Haven't been to SF in years so any suggestions will be most helpful. Want to spend about 3 days there. Haven't drivin Hwy 1 since our honeymoon days so looking forward to that. What suggestions do you wonderful folks have for us as to what to see, do, where to stay, eat etc? I know SF has changed a lot since I was there last so where are your favorite places? Lodging, food, theatre, shows or ? Good places to stay/see enroute south to HB? Then there's the trip back to catch what we miss on the outbound leg. We can take two maybe three weeks spending about 5 days in HB with the rest spread out over the trip. And side trips are often the most rewarding. Many thanks to all of you who will share places you love and if anyone is available for a gtg as the time nears and plans gel we'd love to meet you. Best, Lyn Dallas