Subject: Re[2]: Can we talk?
Hi all,

We are going to Barcelona in February for 3 nights. We've booked the hotel, now for tips on what to see! And how to eat cheaply and not have to wait until 9pm. (Love to find a buffet and/or cafeterias).

We may be going to the Paris area after Christmas. Helen's daughter is thinking of renting a Gite near Disney and we shall probably go with them.

Then of course there is the States in late/March early April, with a few hours in Chicago and a couple of days in Boston, the rest in rural North Manchester Indiana.

And in July, we hope Umbria for a week -- driving there, and maybe a day in the Italian lakes on the way back. This depends upon getting a timeshare exchange.

We just spent 4 days on the Isle of Wight at our timeshare place -- they let us stay for free off-season if there is space, which is great. They also have weeks they've accepted in part exchange we can use for free!

Doug Weller Birmingham, England