Subject: Re: Can we talk?
Hello everyone,

I'm a new member to the TravelZine but my wife, Carmen, and I have our own travelogue web site--completely non-commercial like the TravelZine. Currently, we have two detailed trips to Greece and are currently working on our recent trip to Italy. You're welcome to check it out at:

We generally receive about 4000 visitors per month and while that hasn't really declined since Sept. 11th we have noticed that the average number of pages viewed per visit has declined by about 20%. This suggests to me that while the same number of people are interested in travelling as before they are perhaps not seriously planning as many trips as before. That seems to mirror the decline in messages on these boards but a continued membership.

This brings me back to our recent trip to Italy (first 2 weeks in October). We made our reservations back in August and did a lot of soul searching after September 11th about whether to go or not. Ultimately we decided that we would go and we don't regret it one bit. We had a fantastic time that was not lessened one bit by current events. Life is continuing on as normal in Europe. There was, of course, more security at the airports but we never felt uncomfortable during our travels.

So, we heartily agree that we should all resume planning trips and feel confident that travel is currently safe and is likely to be next year as well.

Sincerely, Jim and Carmen Frost