Subject: Re: Can we talk?
Dear Don and Linda

I have had some thoughts about what we here on TheTravelzine have done since September 11, and I would like to share them. I think we have a great 9-11 story here, even though I wasn't around and wasn't part of the decisions made by the other moderators.

The way the moderators came together to decide to open the discussion beyond our normal boundaries, to let people express themselves and their feelings, was beautiful. Another amazing and heartening occurence was the way members whom we had never met showed so much concern for those of us that were travelling and had family in New York.

It was also encouraging to see the moderators make the tough decision to

get things back to normal. I would also certainly mention that while many members have written about changes in travel plans, many have responded

beautifully to the favorite travel memories and the travel firsts threads. These have indeed been a comfort and a great source of entertainment and consolation for this armchair traveller, and many others, I suspect.

In terms of planning and continuing to travel, just let me say that I am on the way to the airport for a long weekend in New York, and several Ziners assissted me in making a restaurant decision. I would like to thank all of you. We are also in the midst of planning for England in August of 2002, and received some great feedback. If any of you have more England suggestions to offer, we would love to see them.

A new career opportunity may be taking us into Tuscany in the early spring, and I will surely be asking for tips once we know if this is really going to happen.

The monsters have drained some of the fun out of what we all love to do so much, but I continue to keep the guidebooks and maps on my nightstand, and I continue to hope and pray that life will go on and that we will all be able to enjoy the freedom to see the world.

Happy travels to you all, Debbie in Pittsburgh