Subject: Travel Memories
Hi Ziners,

I think most of us addicted to travel are agreed that except for the unique experiences themselves, the best part of travel is the remembering. That bank of memories is, to me, much better than money in the bank. I've always known that when the day comes that I can no longer travel, for whatever reason, I will be happy and rich in memories as long as I can recall the weddings in Zermatt with the bridal party in horse-drawn carriages; the special meal in a tiny little town in Greece where absolutely no one spoke English, and the luck of the house was so good I still can't believe I don't know what we ate; my first view of the Golden Gate Bridge, which happened to be at sunset (also the first time in my life I was ever truly speechless).

I see the point in doing it now as a way of keeping people on track about how important an element travel is in our lives, and that we don't have to just put it on a back burner to be brought out someday if it ever seems feasible again. We can keep the joy of it alive, and remember the broad array of options -- luxuriate in the planning of some future trip. Half the fun is in the planning and anticipation if you love travel as most Ziners do. We don't have to have immediate gratification.

One thing that does strike me is that with well over 1,000 members, there seems to be a small fraction of those who post messages. You must love travel, or at least enjoy it vicariously, to remain on the Zine. Why don't more of you express your interests and comment on your memories? Ask questions of your fellow Ziners about places you dream of going someday. The Zine is for communication, and communication is a two-way street. I have made so many great friends that I met on the Zine, and know that we at least have a love of travel in common. It doesn't require any great writing skills -- just sharing a common interest. Come out of your closets (if I'm allowed to use that expression). You might have some ideas I'd love to use on some future trip, and you owe it to all of us to share your ideas. Now I'll climb down off my soap box and say

Happy travels to all now and in the future,

Lou from Texas