Subject: Re: Can we talk?
Hi Ziners ...

I thought I would share our upcoming travel plans. We have decided that the events of September 11 will *NOT* keep us from traveling. We are taking our family to Iceland for Thanksgiving but have only told them that 1) we are going away, 2) to bring passports and 3) pack warmly ... we will tell them WHERE we are going on the way to the airport! The surprise is half the fun!!

We have planned a Caribbean cruise for Christmas and New Years, making the reservations back in February and a week in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic in February of 2002. We haven't given a thought to cancelling either.

Next summer is still up in the air ... we had wanted to go to Salzburg, Vienna and Prague but are thinking seriously of a package deal to England, Ireland, the Faroe Islands and the Shetland Islands. This is where the real fun starts ... in the planning and deciding.

As others have so well put it ... if we stop travelling and redo the way we live, the terrorists win, and THAT is not going to happen!!

Cynthia &Ivan Pomona, NY