Subject: Re: Can we talk?
Kirk and I continue to travel, and plan for upcoming trips AS we're travelling. The latest quickie was a 4 day trip to Paris. A pilot friend emailed us on Thursday, Sept. 27, that the passes that we had were going to be discontinued in Oct. Any travel had to originate by Oct. 1, Monday. So we left Friday night and spent a wonderful few days in my favorite city. Stayed at a friend's apt. right by the Eiffel Tower (which was even more heavily guarded than usual). We have tickets to leave Christmas night for Italy, and plan to spend 2 weeks in Florence, just soaking it in. Continued planning has really been a balm to my spirit - something positive and uplifting amidst the ongoing bad news. Therapeutic, as you say, Linda. We read to each other as we drive to appointments, and are now enjoying The Collected Traveller - central Italy. We have enjoyed her Paris collections, and are now appreciating this book so much that we'll probably take it along. Happy travels- Anne in VA