Subject: Labrador
Hi Ziners: Peter writes about possibly going to Labrador City. I want to encourage you, Peter, and any other Ziners who want a truly different and exciting experience to take the Labrador Coastal Ferry which runs from St. Anthony, Newfoundland, to Nain, Labrador and back every 12 days. You can do, as we did, and take the whole trip, stopping at many Labrador coastal villages that have no roads serving them, or you can just do part of the trip (the remote villages are mostly served by planes.) This ferry runs only July through mid-Oct. I know you are particularly interested in trains, Peter, but just thought I would tell you about this ferry---beautiful coastlines, icebergs, Northern lights, whales, and the chance to visit remote Inuit and Innu villages.....much to see and to think about in this area. Next year MAY be the last year this ferry runs this whole route, as southern Labrador is getting more roads built all the time. It was an experience that we are so glad we had! Cheers, Pat in Baltimore