Subject: Re: Upcoming Trips
Dear Ziners,

Absolutely keep traveling! We were in Italy for 3 weeks in September. Everyone was very supportive in Europe. For 2002 our plans are to go back to Italy in February for 2 weeks--Carnavale in Venice--we've rented an apartment. We certainly hope the weather will hold up. Cold is OK just not rain! Then we leave for France at the end of May for 4 weeks. One week in the Dordogne (we rented a small cottage), 2 weeks on a self-drive barge (starting south of Arles and ending near Toulouse) and 1 week in Paris (we rented an apartment). Then home until September when we will drive our camper out to the Southwest and back--we plan to be gone 2 months. 2003 is just in the planning stage but it looks like Greece in the springtime for Greek Easter (we plan to be gone 3 or 4 weeks), a camper trip for 2 months in the summer. We will probably do the atlantic coast up to Maine, and Mexico in late October (for Day of the Dead) into November.

Good health and a natural curiosity will keep any Ziner going :0)

Onward! Jane, Boca Raton