Subject: Can we talk?
G'Day Ziners, Thanks to Don and Linda for this thread. We have indeed been stunned by recent events. But we, too, join with our fellow Ziners and will continue to travel and enjoy this wonderful world of ours. Our next trip will be the tilt-train to Brisbane, Indian Pacific cross continental trip to Perth, WA. We will, however, have a stopover in Adelaide, spending a few days there, then the Overland Express to Melbourne for a few days, followed by a sidetrip on the Ghan to Alice Springs and Ayers Rock. Then back on the Indian Pacific all the way to Perth. From Perth we will take the Margaret River-Albany-Esperance-Kalgoorlie tour, before flying back to Brisbane. Australia is truly a huge continent, island and country, and we have only begun to enjoy its magnificence. Our sympathy to Ed's family goes with this post as well.

All the best, Marghe and Marty in Coral Cove.