Subject: Barcelona Eating (was Re: Can we talk?)
Hi Doug,

You were asking about eating cheaply in Barcelona. I was there last month, traveling on a small budget, and never had problems with finding inexpensive places to eat at any time of the day.

Small 'stand up' cafes, sandwich shops, inexpensive restaurants, and tapas bars are common in the central part of town and are open from early morning until 10 or 11 PM. Passeig de Gracia was a favorite street of mine for finding a good variety of food. I can't recall a specific place that I can recommend, as I tend to graze all day, grabbing a little of this, a little of that, whenever I see something that looks good, but I never had a bad meal while I was there.

Once you are out of the center there are fewer places to eat, but there seemed to be at least one tiny restaurant or cafe on every street that served the neighborhood, and the food in those was always good and inexpensive.

Michele Oakland, CA