Subject: Re: Can We Talk (Dublin?)
I just returned from two weeks in the UK on October 8 and had a wonderful time. I was asked by a lot of people after Sept. 11 was i still going and i always had no hesitation. I had such a good time that i would love to go back again soon to spend more time with my friends there, mainly in Manchester. It got me thinking... Maybe i'll go back for New Year's but it's very much an if right now. Money.. time... etc. But ideally .... And then i thought after a few days over New Year's in Manchester, i would like to go somewhere else. Somewhere i've never been but i can't stay away too long because i'm also hoping to go to Portugal sometime next year so need to save the vacation days for that too. I thought i might try to get a cheap flight from Manchester to Dublin. A couple of days there, a day trip to Cork to see a friend there, fly back from Dublin to London and home. Irish Rail says it is over three hours by train though so that might be a lot for a day trip. Still it's doable if i leave early and return late. Ireland at the beginning of January. Well the weather can't be worse than Halifax at that time of year LOL!

And back to the UK trip... My photos are online in an album website if anyone is interested. I haven't sorted out the travelogue yet.

My travel page, has links to the rest of my travelogues and photo albums as well.

Diane JOhnston