Subject: Re: Can we talk?
Hi Ziners,

I'd like to share my travel plans and some opinions about recent topics.

I caught the travel bug a few years ago and since then re-prioritized my life. I made a firm commitment to travel somewhere every month - anything from a week out of town to as small as driving up the California coast with my dog for the day. I've taken 2 - month long trips and hope to make that a habit every 12-18 months (or less).

It has never once crossed my mind that I should change my plans or quit traveling because of what happened.

Travel plans. Since I spent September in Europe, I decided to skip any October trip. November I go to Colorado, and December to Las Vegas. January I'll probably visit friends in Arizona, and I'm hoping to go to Alaska in May. February and March are undecided, so far.

As for posting or just lurking, I go back and forth. Sometimes I just don't have anything to contribute, other times I feel like I could type all day.

Michele Oakland, CA