Subject: future plans
In response to a request for those who are continuing to travel to speak up, I would like to share current travel plans. It has been a while since I posted because I have been working very hard at my job this summer and fall. In fact, probably the last thing I sent to the Zine was the travelogue of our wonderful trip to Costa Rica this past spring.

My husband, Jim, and I will not be deterred by a group of fanatics. Travel is our raison d'etre! We depart on November 17 for a 3 week trip to Cambodia and Thailand. The trip was planned and paid for in August 2000, and we are going unless President Bush tells us, Thou shalt not go to the far east. Then in February 2002 we are spending 2 weeks in Sri Lanka with a stop in Hong Kong on the way. I am smiling because I've been reading about others going to European countries.... seems like we are headed in the opposite direction. Looking forward to 2003, we are returning to our beloved Costa Rica for another 2 weeks with the same birding guide we had last spring. In between all of this there will be a week in New Orleans to see our niece get her master's degree and visits to our home state to help Jim's father celebrate his 90th birthday. Then we will be out of money and I will be our of leave from my job.......

Anyone who has any advice for me, please feel free to give it.... in the meantime, remember Boundaries Divide - Travel Unites

Ruth Marie Colorado