Subject: Re: Can we talk- Williamsburg Plan

Only a bit familiar. My grandfather taught at the College from 68 to '78, so we visited as children. I visited my grandmother a few years ago before she died, we ate at a tavern but I didn't get into any of the buildings since family was the focus of the visit. I've never stayed on property, and frankly, I'm looking forward to doing Williamsburg without the relatives distracting me. I'm not even planning to tell folks, I know someone will want to join us.

Your suggestions regarding dining reservations are very welcome. I plan to look over the materials being sent to me, buy a guidebook, and make some decisions next month.

This year, I too am slaving away, but my husband roasts the turkey on the grill, and we are joining friends this year, so I won't have to do it all. Actually, we are a little nervous about doing an offsite holiday, but Williamsburg seems like an exception. Last year we went to NYC, but left the day after the feast.

Thanks again for your advice,