Subject: Re: Iceland, Faroes, Shetland
Pat ...

Ivan and I have been to Iceland twice and love it hence the trip at Thanksgiving to share it with our adult children. Thanksgiving dinner will be the The Perlan in Reykjavik (we had two fabulous meals there this past summer) and the rest of the short trip (Thursday - Monday) will be spent exploring the area.

Ivan has wanted to go to the Faroe and Shetland Islands for years, and we found a wonderful cruise package that includes them. Earlier, we had found from much research that getting to either island group on your own was incredibly difficult especially if one wanted to do both in one trip, so the package that we found seemed to fit the bill and also allow us to taste Ireland and spend some time in England and, of course, Iceland ... again.

I swore that one summer, we would go to someplace warm, but we seem drawn to the colder climes (Scandinavia and Iceland). Our trip to Norway and fiord cruise on the Coastal Steamer this past summer was fabulous, and your Labrador trip is one we also want to do ... hoping it will continue through 2003.

Cynthia &Ivan Pomona, NY