Subject: Re: Italy and Spain for an extended family.
Hi Laurie,

We would concur that it would be best to concentrate on Italy.

Regarding your inquiry about Hotel delle Muse, we have stayed there several times and the owner has become a personal friend as well as a Ziner.

Based on your first post, it would seem that Tuscany and Umbria would be prime areas for you to consider. We have stayed in wonderful agriturismos in both regions, Bellagaggio in Tuscany and Malvarina in Umbria; both are very family friendly.

A good choice for a lovely beach and seaside would be the Cinque Terre, particularly the town of Monterroso.

Piemonte (wine country) and Val d'Aosta (magnificent mountains and Gran Paradiso National Park) are worth considering.

You will find detailed accounts of our visits to each of the above places on our web site,

A wonderful family itinerary for four weeks would be to arrive in Rome and spend half a week there, then a week each in Umbria, Tuscany, Piemonte/Val d'Aosta, and your last half week in Cinque Terre before returning to Rome for your flight home.

Once you've decided on your final itinerary we're sure that Ziners can fill-in any specifics you require.

Regards, Don and Linda Toronto