Subject: Re: Car in Puerto Vallarta?
Hola Hank! Your post made me long to be going back to PV. Hopefully, early in the new year our eldercare situation will be stable and we can slip away for a week to satisfy the yearning and wander those fascinating cobblestone streets again.

I can't really advise as to car rental as we have always stayed close enough to downtown (Hotel Zone or Marina) to use taxis or the local bus. The buses are safe, frequent, very cheap and an adventure of their own. When we first visited, it wasn't unusual to see the street passing by through hole in the bus floor, and when you came close to your stop, you started pounding on the roof and yelling Alto!. Nuevo Vallarta/Paradise Village is a fair bus ride downtown ..I'm guessing 45 min.. although friends who stayed at Paradise Village tell me there is now an express? service. Another reason we have never rented is insurance qualms .. one is never quite sure how that works in PV. It was our conclusion that parking and driving in downtown PV is best admired rather than experienced! Unless you want to do significant exploring other than old town, I would suggest you do short term rentals from your hotel and grab a cab or bus for visiting Old Vallarta. This site is non- commercial and fairly comprehensive as to local info etc.

Restaurants I can comment on .. at great length unfortunately! Our all time favourites in downtown, have been Cafe des Artistes for an exquisite breakfast in the garden with classical guitars; La Palapa for sunset drinks and dinner; Le Bistro classical jazz with outstanding food and service; Daiquiri Dick's, again sunset drinks and dinner on the beach; Roberto's, for huge garlic shrimp; Le Gourmet great food, interesting location on a sidestreet and speciallive theatre production coffee; and.. our I can't walk another step without a cold beer favourite .. La Fuente del Puente, downtown by the river, not gourmet but wonderful for people watching and listening to mariachi music over lunch. (Legendary hangout of Liz and Dick)

For a wonderful margeurita enhanced panoramic view at sunset.. the rooftop terrace of Los Cuatro Vientos .. you feel like Mary Poppins, and after one of their margeuritas, you are almost convinced that with an umbrella, you could do it! This site gives you an overview .. with some links to individual restaurant websites. When you finish with dining .. go to and check other links for great insider info.

Anne Burlington ON (but longing to be back in PV!)