Subject: Still planning
This thread has certainly pulled everyone out of the woodwork, including me!

We don't have any international travel plans, but we didn't have them before 9/11, either. There are several trips in the works, tho...

This summer, mid-May - early June, we hope to cross-country road trip from Georgia to LA and back. We'll be travelling w/ another couple and will take about 3 wks. The trip out is shaping up pretty easily - we'll speed up to Chicago to catch one of our travelling companion's graduation and also to visit friends, then we'll work our way across to Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, Salt Lake City, Bryce &Zion Nat'l parks, Las Vegas, and then LA. Will probably spend almost a week in LA visiting relatives and sightseeing. The trip back is more unfocused - we know we want to stop at the Grand Canyon and perhaps head up to Denver, but more than that is unclear. We're trying to travel fairly inexpensively, especially w/ regards to lodging.

Later next summer or perhaps in 2003 my sister and I plan to take our mom on a trip up into New England for about 2 weeks. We want to catch as many music festivals (classical, folk, maybe some jazz) as we can! Will probably stay in at least a few B&Bs and eat seafood to our hearts' content.

Last but not least, I hope to go w/ my sis-in-law and maybe some friends to Alaska in 2003 to hike the Chilkoot trail. I'd also like to include Oregon &Washington in that trip if possible since I've not yet visited there. Will probably take the ferry (AK Marine Hwy) for at least part of the trip.

Any suggestions or must-sees for these trips, especially this summer's road trip, are certainly welcome and appreciated.

Happy planning &travelling. Cindy in Toccoa, GA.