Subject: Grand Canyon
Hi Ziners -- Cindy mentions stopping at the Grand Canyon. We would certainly recommend stopping at the North Rim (instead of South) and spending the bit extra it costs to stay in a cabin at the Nat. Park Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge, right on the edge of the canyon. This allows you to easily see the sunrises and sunsets from various vantage points and provides a Grand Canyon experience without the huge crowds and traffic congestion of the South Rim. Book early if you want to stay at the Lodge---months and months and months ahead! About Zion--there is now a shuttle bus system that works well, but you cannot drive into the park at all and must leave your car well below the park itself. If you stay at the Nat. Park Lodge at Zion (again, well worth it, we thought), you get a special driving/parking permit with your booking to drive in as far as the Lodge; then you use the shuttle bus to go beyond the Lodge. Again, book early for this Lodge. Sounds llike a great trip---cheers, Bill and Pat in Baltimore