Subject: RE: London info needed
- our favorite place to visit in London is The Tower of London. Be sure you go for the day as there is MUCH to see and do NOT miss the Beafeaters Tour. We would also STRONGLY urge you and your wife to go on the Eye Wheel. You must arrive early and ride then or make reservations for later in the day. We LOVE a pub called Bag of Nails near Buckingham Palace Royal Mews. Just for the sake of Rock &Roll tradition, you could go to the Hard Rock Cafe on Park Lane near Hyde Park Corner and ask for a waitress named Rita. She has worked there since they opened their doors in June, 1971 and she is without a doubt the MOST entertaining, interesting person. There are many places to name, but these are on the top of the list along with all the obvious places of notability. - there is a musical that I simply cannot remember the name of but is about Buddy Holly. It's wonderful! - our favorite restaurants would be Langan's, Morton's for drinks, Belgo, The Grenadier Pub in Belgravia, The Rotisserie in Harrod's, and, of course, The Bag of Nails for sticky toffee pudding!!!! These are again, in addition to the notable places. Be sure and try toad in the hole and bubble and squeek. Fin and haddie is interesting as is spotted dick. If you really wish to enjoy a posh high tea, two places come to mind, The Ritz (no white trainers) with reservations, and/or the Conservatory at Kensington Palace. That is one of the most beautiful places one could enjoy high tea. Portabello street is very near there and the street market is incredible. - February is usually when we are there and it has been unseasonably cold and not much rain. I don't think that is the norm so I will let others respond to this directly. We were very comfortable with layered dressing. I usually wear Birkenstock's with wool socks, closed toe, of course, because of the rain. I would also say that prepare for the rain and don't let it stop you from doing what you planned.

I hope this helps you some. I know you will get many very valuable responses and you will have a wonderful time there.

Sara Wetegrove Corpus Christi, Texas