Subject: Rome restaurants
Hi All

Since several Ziners have asked about Rome restaurants, and since the Santa Susanna website is in active circulation on this thread, let me say that we used the recommendations on the S.Susanna website and thought they were great.

Here is the page with the dining links: We especially loved the lemon pasta at Il Giardino that was mentioned on the site, and we also had a great lunch from the antipasto buffet at La Rampa. We had been to La Rampa for dinner before, but lunch is the ticket, since one can just have the antipasto bar and it is great.

We also recommend the Bar 1887 for coffee and pastry, the great grocery store, and the Antica Forno bakery, both across from 1887 on the via della Scrofa. A nearby restaurant that is good and not high priced is Orso 80. The grilled scampi were wonderful

We had some other great food in Rome, but it wasn't necessarily economical. We met Flavio at a great spot in Trastevere, the name of which escapes me at the moment.

Happy eating (and you will be happy if you try the cookies, the pizza, and the sandwiches on flat bread at the Antico Forno).

Ciao, Debbie