Subject: Re: London info needed
We enjoyed a traditional music hall performance at The Players Theatre under Charing Cross Station. Tickets are about 15 pounds for visitors (members of the the theatre are free) and Performance Times are Tuesday ~ Sunday 8.15pm.

Sing alongs (be sure to buy the song sheet in the lobby before the performance) and audience participation liven it up. The master of ceremonies told groaners such as There is nothing like a good song and the audience shouted back and that is not like one!

The performance we attended purported to be celebrating the birthday of Queen Victoria during her lifetime which included songs from 19th century Britain and US. The master of ceremonies (chairman) asked visitors where they were from and joshed us colonials. After the performance, other members of the audience asked us how we enjoyed the performance, etc.! Note that there were two intermissions and drinks are allowed at your seat (in fact seating is designed for this).

This is an unusual theatre experience which is well worth the time and money.

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