Subject: Re: London Info needed
I've been to London four times, most recently a month ago when i spent a week there. Restaurant: Kalamara's on Inverness Mews. The easiest way to describe how to get there is to start from the Bayswater underground station. Come out of there and cross Queensway. There's a little side street just there. Go in there and just on your left is the mews though it only looks like a back alley or parking lot for the buildings around it. There was a sign on the street so we knew it was there and it turned out to be a small, narrow restaurant below street level that's been there for about 50 years, though not under present management. They have a fixed price menu for 16 for a minimum of two people and they keep bringing you more and more food!

I will second the recommendation for tea at the Conservatory/Orangerie at Kensington Palace. Very nice. We didn't think we were dressed well enough but they didnt' mind. Another neat pub is the Hung Drawn and Quartered just a block west of the Tower of London. They have a rope noose over the bar!

I did the London Eye on the spur of the moment, there were no lineups at all when i went at the end of September. That may have had to do with the after effects of Sept. 11. I bought a ticket and got right on. Amazing views! I really enjoyed the Shakespeare's Globe and theatre exhibition too, on the Southbank. I took a London Walks day tour of Richmond and Hampton court and that was wonderful! Included was a boat trip from Richmond to Hampton Court.

The Museum of London at the Barbican is another really interesting museum in addition to the ones already mentioned. One of my favourite things to do is just walk... i discovered the lanes and courtyards of the Middle and Inner Temple this way as well as spending a morning wandering the square Mile, finding little hidden churchyards and winding streets and out of the way courtyards.


Diane Johnston Nova Scotia, Canada