Subject: Costa Rica
Hello Ziners,

I'm writing this email in 2 parts...the first is about what I found was easy to take not to take to Costa Rica. I can't find what I did with the email about the person going to Costa Rica, but I'm going to try my best at remembering it. :)

Here is what I found really helpful and not so helpful:

I am very prone to bug bites, so I took some strong insect repellent. It depends on how much bugs like you :).

Don't take anything that smells like perfume or cologne...I don't konw where you would like to go, but if you do go to the rainforest the smells will attract the insects, plus carrying perfume/cologne is just another thing to carry. This is also including lotions, shampoo, deodorant, etc.

Take lots of film...I took 6 rolls and still bought more. :)

Don't take a lot of extra clothes if you're planning on hiking. WHen we stayed in the biological reserve we took a 3 mile hike that took 5 hours in knee deep mud. I just bought pants I knew I wasn't going to wear when I got home. Take clothes that you don't care if they get dirty and don't take a lot of luggage. I took a big backpack...and it worked out fine. Take some good walking shoes...those are a must!! I took a good pair of boots and the bottoms still got messed up.

Take soem water purifier tablets...we drank lots of Cokes and fresh squeezed fruit, papaya, watermelon, etc...those were the best.

Don't take an does rain there, but it's another thing to carry...take either a light raincoat or poncho. SOmething that can fold up into something small. We went during early summer and it was cool up in the mountains where we were. The reserve we were in overlooked Mt. Arenal, which is a must see.

Also, go see your doctor before you leave and make sure htings check out. I found the more we hiked in the higher elevations it was hard to breathe. If you have asthma make sure you take medicine for it. Just make sure all medicines are up to date!! You will have to get a gamma globulin shot...or at least I did before I left.

Just pack smart!! If you do a lot of hiking don't carry a can't drive among parts of the rainforest, so you hvae to carry everything.

I'll send another email with what I thought were interesting things to see and do and any other information that might be helpful...if you'd like to see pictures let me know and Ill send them to you.

Have a great day! Clare (Texas)