Subject: Stay at Reading, PA area
Hello fellow Travelzine members

I would recommend Nolde Forest State Park for a nice walk. The park is very close to Reading (2 miles south of the city). The park was an area of land once owned by Jacob Nolde who made his money in hosiery in early 20th century. The area is hills that was once covered by unproductive farmland. Nolde hired an Austrian forester to create evergreen plantations on the hills. The evergreens are mostly Douglas fir, Norway spruce and Japanese larch. The trails are mostly old fire roads so walking shoes are fine. The greatest elevation gain is 480 feet and can be reduced to much less with the right selected route. The highlights are a pretty stream, scenic view of Reading (available only when the leaves have fallen), a small but interesting pond, the home of Mr. Nolde and of course the evergreen plantations. Nolde's home is a mansion built with castle like towers and fun mother goose windows and doors for the children. If you are interested I will give you the details of directions and suggested trails. Please respond to my e-mail address instead of the travelzine address,

Ed Wickham ewickham